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Ja, ik wil de nieuwsbrief ontvangen, en blijf altijd op de hoogte van nieuwe titels en aanbiedingen.


Janice Alina James

ISBN: 978 90 8850 376 4

NAf 22.50

Faith is a compilation of poems and short stories written over a period of years. I have always been a dreamer and I love reading. Before I started writing poems and short stories, I kept a copy book with poems and songs I fell in love with. The languages used in this book, English, Dutch and Papiamentu respectively, are part of the uniqueness of Curaçao,

where I was born and grew up. We spoke English at home, Dutch at school and Papiamentu among friends. In 1978 Union di Muhe Antiano organized a story competition. My younger sister and I competed and our stories were part of the winning entries. The stories Spiertu, E Sorpresa and E Pal’i Apeldam have been previously published.  In 1980 a children program aired on Radio Hoyer, Curaçao, celebrated its 6th anniversary and I wrote the poem Grupo Florecia Hubenil. Curaçao holds a special place in my heart and I wrote Korsou and Independencia in 1980 and 1981 respectively, as a tribute. In 1988 Thank You was written for my mom, who was seriously ill. Because of prayers God heard and healed her. Writing the poem Hope in 2003 I intended to encourage a colleague of mine. In 2005, ten years after my mom passed away, I wrote We are Blessed. In 2012 in honor of my daughter Che’Vonne, I poetized My Pride and Joy.