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Contemporary Curacao
A Caribbean Community

Wim Kamps & Guido Rojer Jr & Ieteke Witteveen

ISBN: 978 90 8850 403 7
176 pagina's

NAf 50.00

A must-have: A stunning introduction to Curaçao for your (potential) businesspartners!

Contemporary Curaçao is a collection of 26 articles that covers topics ranging from history, economics, law, gender issues, and sustainability to art and culture.

It presents a compact but thorough introduction to the island of Curaçao. All articles have been written by local academic experts.

The book is an excellent tool for those who are in need of an overview of the island’s historic and current issues.




  • Curaçao at a glance
  • Curaçao in caribbean perspective
  • Demographics
  • A brief history of curaçao
  • The great slave rebellion of curaçao in 1795
  • May 30, 1969
  • Curaçao at a constitutional crossroads
  • Archaeology
  • Willemstad curaçao, a Unesco world heritage city
  • Selected aspects of curaçao’s economy
  • Curaçao law
  • Education in curaçao
  • Media in curacao – news travels fast
  • Papiamentu: the local language
  • Population and ethnicity
  • Anthropology in an era of transformation in the dutch caribbean societies
  • Religious syncretism in curaçao
  • Contemporary women
  • Women in the labor market of curaçao
  • Museums in curaçao
  • Music and identity in curaçao
  • literature in curaçao
  • Visual arts in curaçao
  • The architectural development in curaçao
  • Curaçao and sustainability: some observations
  • Curaçao’s drinking water
  • Terrestrial ecology (plants and animals)